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  • Dallu, Abdhallah Mambo (KASNEB, 2018-01-01)
    The threat to technology-based information assets is higher now than it has been in the past. As technology has advanced, so too have the tools and methods employed by those who seek to gain unauthorised access to ...
  • Dallu, Abdhallah Mambo (KASNEB, 2021-11-01)
    Internal auditors play an important role in their organization’s corporate governance, internal control structure, risk management analysis, and financial reporting process. In spite of all confusions and dysfunctions, ...
  • Dallu, Abdhallah Mambo (KASNEB, 2020-05-01)
    Effective audit planning will focus the auditor’s attention on key areas of the audit and ensure that sufficient resources are allocated to the engagement. Planning should result in an audit that is well directed and ...
  • Dallu, Abdhallah Mambo (KASNEB, 2020-11-01)
    Risk heat maps are visualizations that present the results of a risk assessment. In an enterprise risk assessment process, the ability to visualize risks helps to establish and communicate a holistic view of risks ...
  • Dallu, Abdhallah Mambo (KASNEB, 2020-11-01)
    QA is a simple concept, which starts with one idea: Internal Audit functions should complement their traditional, required activities with an active role in the organization culture itself. It is all about being a ...

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